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Listed below are some frequently asked questions people typically have regarding our clinic. In the event that your question isn’t present, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can immediately address your query!

Are fillers regulated in the UK?

Non-surgical procedures are currently unregulated in the UK, which includes fillers. Which is why it is vital you certify that whoever performs your procedure if fully qualified and trained.

If on the day of my appointment I no longer want to proceed, would that be possible?

Absolutely. We at Belledona do not want you to proceed with any treatment or procedure unless you are absolutely certain. However, cancelling without 48 hours notice leaves you liable to charges.

How will I know if I need Botox or fillers?

After a consultation we will determine the correct treatment plan that suits your needs.

Am I required to pay a deposit when booking an appointment?

We do not require deposits at Belledonna.

Can I have treatments if I'm pregnant?

Please inform us from the start if you are pregnant, as you will be exempt from certain cosmetic and skin treatments. Fillers and Botox are strictly not allowed on pregnant women. Acupuncture is generally safe for pregnant women, however there are certain points where it’s unsafe for the needle to penetrate the skin. 

Will there be bruising after the procedure?

Slight bruising and swelling are expected after any procedure involving a needle, so you should not worry. However, you should contact us if there is excessive bruising.

If I am experiencing problems after a procedure, what do I do?

Please contact us immediately, so a member of our staff can assist you. After a procedure we always give a 24/7 emergency contact number, thus enabling you to reach out to us in the rare event you experience a problem.

Are you insured?

Our clinic is fully insured by a cosmetic insurance company.

Will I be awake if anaesthetic is used?

Yes. At Belledona we only use local anaesthetic to numb pain in a localised area. We actively engage with you during the procedure, asking questions to ensure you are comfortable and not in pain.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by phone or email.

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